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Oct. 19th, 2008 06:07 pm
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Hi all :) How boring Sunday is ?
I'm anxiously waiting to watch Inter, my soccer team, to play an important game tonight....cross fingers!
In the meantime I wanna show you some photo of my cat, Tabby, and dog, well the dog, Axel, is not quite mine it's my sister's. Tabby is absolutely fearless, she tortures him, crunches his tail, his ears, his paws, climbs his legs and he doesn't react at all! I've never seen a pit bull so kind and patient!

I'm lazy...

Oct. 8th, 2008 08:43 pm
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Better later than never...

After a little tiny tiny time, about 2 it is my first post....
What can I say? I'm Italian, 44 years old, and a HUGE crush on Michael Shanks. Stargate is my only fandom, once I was a huge Star Trek fan, but after Enterprise and what they did to Trip I quit. Now my passion is Daniel and Michael. I watched Stargate for Spader but I like Sg1 for Daniel and Daniel/Jack and now for Daniel/Vala. Other interests? Sport, I'm a supporter of Inter soccer team of Milano, 49ers, Lakers. Cinema, I love american movie especially musical, screwball comedy, scifi, and Cooper and Bogart, Grant and Powell, Ginger and Fred, Sinatra e Peck, Widmark and many many others.
Thanks to internet my english now is better and I can read english book quite easily and I read A LOT of fanfiction, feel free to suggest me a good story.
OK, stop for now..And be kind with my english.
And since I LOVE cat I wanna introduce you my little tiger, her name is Tabby, she is adorable!
Just one thing...How much I loved Firt Contact? Michael and David were AMAZING. I can't wait for Lost Tribe!


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